The Eucharist and the Eyes to See

Episode Summary

If you’ve ever struggled with the idea that the Eucharist really is the actual Body of Christ, you’re not alone. In this episode Steve Ray, Catholic convert, author and pilgrimage leader, shares his own journey from deep skeptic of Catholic doctrine to firm believer that Our Lord is truly present in the Eucharist. Along the way, Steve’s remarkable journey of faith has been emboldened through countless trips to the Holy Land and countless hours spent in scripture.

Episode Notes

Converting to Catholicism in 1994, Steve Ray has spent more than two decades as an ardent Catholic apologist who has delivered talks about the Eucharist to over 80 groups in Capernaum in Galilee where Jesus said, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you.”

In this episode, recorded on the weekend of the Feast of Corpus Christi, Steve talks about his research into the early Church fathers, why people today struggle with the transcendental reality of Christ in the Eucharist, and why Malachi chapter one verse 11 is his favorite Eucharistic passage in the Bible.

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